Villa Des Indes, Private Luxury Villas in Seminyak, Bali

Nestled in the heart of Bali’s most stylish Seminyak. Villa Des Indes is Bali luxury villa located in Seminyak, a century old antique Javanese ‘Joglo’. Villa Des Indes, named after a famous early 20th century hotel offers guests a captivating journey through time, combining nostalgic luxury with the exemplary services of personal butlers and top class chefs.

This four bedroom luxury villa in Seminyak is filled will Dutch Colonial and Indonesian antiques and sheer luxury. Villa Des Indes is originally crafted in Limasan in Central Java, the Joglo was designed forgoing the use of nails and was re-constructed onsite piece by piece. Villa Des Indes has the same immaculate attention to detail as the original residence. The walls are hung with original Indonesian works of art and antique hand carved reliefs.

With passion for preserving and sharing the rich culture needlecraft of Indonesia, the owner has an extensive collection of Javanese and Balinese antiques. One of the most delightful things about residing in Villa Des Indes is that there is always something fascinating to look!

The exquisite Villa Des Indes Seminyak is situated in a small private road off Jalan Laksmana in Seminyak. Offering selected holiday visitors a unique opportunity to experience colonial lifestyle in top end luxury.